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Recognizing the need for ongoing help in the area of general stewardship The Charis Group developed plans and services through our Turbo Charged Giving Services. We are not just a capital campaign company.  Our trained stewardship consultants have helped hundreds of churches.  We can help you.  The following is a key list of our offerings.  We know we can help you increase the amount of money you raise through our services.  Through the list of plans and services below find what works best for you.

Stewardship Enhancement Plans – We have a plan for every church setting!

One Year Giving Plan

This service is designed to help churches address their regular budget offering needs seeking to strengthen their base immediately and long term.  The services provided in this one year program are:

Stewardship Evaluation – Assessing Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities

  • Financial Analysis – Analyzing past giving and projecting future capabilities.  This is done twice during the year.
  • Budget Review – Looking at spending patterns in an effort to help better manage the funds the church is entrusted with.

Stewardship Education and Enhancement – Helping to implement a plan of action that will result in a strengthened stewardship environment.

  • Proposing a plan of action to stimulate current donors and develop new donors
  • Help in implementing long term programs that lead to better Christian stewards.
  • Continual monitoring of the plan of action.
  • Providing help with writing appeal letters on a quarterly basis.

Summer Giving Plan

Summer is typically the most challenging time for churches to meet their budget needs.  We help you devise a plan of action that will increase your funds during the three most challenging months.

Annual Budget Campaign Plans

Does your church hold an annual campaign for pledges to the operating budget?  Are you tired of doing it the same old way and getting the same results?  Our annual campaigns give you a fresh approach and fresh ideas to make your next annual campaign more fulfilling and successful.

Communication Services

Elevator Pitching Your Offerings

The offering is one of the most boring times in any church service.  Less thought is given to the offering than any other part of the worship service.  Our Elevator Pitch services gives you a weekly one to two minute talk that will help your offering time sizzle.  The goal is to make offerings more worshipful, meaningful, fun and successful.

Mailing Services

Whether you use snail mail, email or both you need well thought out and written materials.  Our Mailing Services package provides quarterly giving letters, end of year appeals and special occasion appeals.  Make your appeal mails and emails pop and sizzle for greater impact and return.

Financial Services

Financial Giving Analysis

We will analyze past giving to your church to determine your strengths and weaknesses.  This anonymous review will enable us through our years of experience to give you a good idea of what could be capable in a capital stewardship campaign as well as give advice on how to increase your offerings.


  • Document the last two full years of giving.
  • Analyze any capital campaigns results.
  • Compare strengths, weaknesses and trends.
  • Analyze each giving segment for growth and capacity for the future giving or capital stewardship campaigns.


  • Documented reports will be given to your church showing our analysis of giving.
  • Your church will have a clearer picture of the trends in giving to their budget.
  • Your church will have a better read of what their pledge capacity might be for the upcoming campaign.
  • Your church will have a better understanding of the various giving segments of the church and how each can impact any upcoming campaign.

Loan Packaging

As a result of the Crash of 2008 it is increasingly difficult for churches to acquire financing from loan institutions.  While we cannot loan you the money you need our Loan Packaging services can help you form a position of strength when talking to lenders.  Utilizing our Financial Giving Analysis and other key information that banks look at we give you a report that puts your church in the most positive light.

All of the above plans and services have price packages available for churches of all sizes.  Get the help you need for a price you can afford and Turbo Charge your giving today!

We are more than just a capital campaign company!

Contact us today to get started Turbo Charging your giving.

Launch Date is August 2011!