Recognizing the need most churches have for ongoing help in the area of regular operating revenue, The Charis Group offers Stewardship Enhancement Services. With these individualized services, our Stewardship consultants will help your church increase its regular budget offering (revenue), so you can fully fund your missions and ministries.

Having helped hundreds of churches around the United States and Canada, we can help you too. The following is an abbreviated list of our Stewardship Enhancement Services.

1.) Accurate Assessment

At The Charis Group, we offer this advice: “Know thyself.”  What this means is that you, the church leader, should be able to give an accurate assessment of the giving situation in your church.  What trends do you see?  What quarters are your strongest?  What times of the year are the most difficult in terms of making budget?  An accurate assessment of your giving helps you put together a good plan of action.

When you engage The Charis Group to do this for you, we assess your stewardship and document every possible problem, so we can offer clear solutions that will increase your operating revenue.

2.) Action Plans

At The Charis Group, our mantra is “Develop a plan and work your plan.”  Most churches experience inconsistent results in the area of stewardship because they have no plan of action. What is amazing is that churches have growth plans and mission plans, but they rarely have a plan for stewardship to support all their other plans.  What is your plan, and how are you working it?

When you engage The Charis Group for stewardship enhancement, we develop a plan of action specifically for your church that carefully fits your unique DNA and culture. The customized plan we develop for you will produce results immediately towards meeting (and ultimately surpassing) the operating budget of your church.

3.) Accountability

At The Charis Group, we believe that leaders lead best when they don’t lead alone.  “Behind every good pastor, there is a team supporting him.”  In Exodus 17, we see an example of this in the life of Moses, when the Amalekites attacked Israel. When Moses kept his hands raised with the staff God gave him, Israel prevailed.  When his hands went down Amalek prevailed.  Two leaders, Aaron and Hur, came alongside Moses, sat him down on a rock and helped hold his hands up.  Israel thus won the battle.

It is our experience that the number one reason churches do not maximize their giving potential and become fully funded is simply because no one in the ministry has the experience, expertise, or availability to fully support the pastor in this area of ministry. When you engage The Charis Group, we become your Aaron & Hur, serving as a well-qualified stewardship partner that ensures your budget becomes fully funded.

How Much Does it Cost?

Rates for Stewardship Enhancement Consulting are based upon the size of your church’s budget. We have consultants with expertise in churches of all sizes, and the fee you pay us will be more than made up for with the increase you’ll receive in giving!