In a Charis campaign, you can expect understanding, connection, and a unique guidance that fits your vision and culture.


What makes The Charis Group stand out?

Often we know intuitively that we need something that is not being offered by anyone else, yet we cannot quite put our finger on it. You know you have to raise capital funds to fuel the dreams God has given you. You search websites and materials looking for that perfect fit. The task seems daunting without help, yet the last thing you want is some cookie-cutter approach or a partner who does not understand you or your vision. What you need is someone who connects with you, has time for you, and has something distinctive to offer.

After looking at all the materials, websites, and talking to all the various groups, it sometimes can all blur together. Every company tries to be distinctive. Yet most seem to talk the same talk and offer the same programs. Sometimes you cannot tell one from the other. Why not make one more call…The Charis Group.


So what makes us stand out?


Each Charis Consultant brings not only a rich background of pastoral experience but also years of capital fund-raising experience. When bringing in an outside partner, it is not the firm’s experience that you are engaging but the individual consultant. With The Charis Group, there is no question about the experience factor. Our consultants have years of ministry experience in a variety of settings.

Apart from their years of ministry experience, each consultant has years of campaign experience. They are not novices to the industry but seasoned professionals. Each Charis Consultant has worked in both the large church arena as well as the emerging church arena. From relocation, to building, to debt reduction campaigns, each consultant has the depth of experience to help you successfully navigate the course God has laid out for you and your ministry. Engage with a consultant that has the experience to coach you to victory!

Strategic Thinking

The complexity of our times and the challenge of today’s projects demand that we avoid mistakes that might bog us down. Leaders often find themselves at a time of decision. That decision will be a pivot upon which their ministry will turn. They need a solid perspective on how to navigate the path to the future.

We bring that strategic perspective to all our engagements. Our experience helps you recognize the pivot-point decisions you are faced with and provides you with counsel to successfully navigate each decision. With a Charis Consultant you have a personal coach to help you develop a game-winning plan of action.

This strategic thinking leads to a more creative approach to campaigns. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, The Charis Group delivers a campaign that fits your environment and your needs. Our materials are written just for you – not taken off the shelf or pulled from a generic template. Churches are not all the same, so campaigns should not all look the same. Your campaign with Charis will truly be personalized to fit your ministry!

In addition, we allow you to decide what programs you need and want. Most churches need a full partnership alliance. However, many churches that have experienced multiple campaigns have entirely different needs. We have experience in unbundling the elements of the campaign to assure that you are delivered exactly what you need – not what a company thinks you need.


The accessibility of consultants has repeatedly been a complaint of churches and Christian ministries when they engage with stewardship firms. We have a fundamental belief that consultants cannot provide all that a ministry needs if they are engaged with too many clients. As a result, one of our foundational values is to limit the number of clients with whom each consultant works.

Since each Charis Consultant only takes a limited number of clients each year, we have more time to invest with you. You will not have to wait in line for our services. Fewer clients mean more accessibility and availability. It means more personalized service for you and your leaders. It means that you will always have a rested consultant hitting the ground for you – giving you his best.

To help you stay on track, The Charis Group takes full advantage of the latest in technology. Through emails, telephone calls, Web-casting and more personal on-site visits, we are available to you. The fast pace of today’s world demands the ability to stay connected with leaders. We believe you will hear from us and see us more the entire three years – not just during the intensive part of the campaign!

Sustained Follow-Up

One of the most common complaints of Christian ministries about their stewardship experience was that they never heard from their consultant after the pledges were made. We understand the campaign is not over until the dollars come in. We don’t leave you on your own, hoping the funds that were committed come in. We are there with you on a regular basis throughout the full length of the campaign.

Often Christian ministries complain that their consultant seems to always be changing. In the interview process, they meet one person but are then forced to work with another. During the follow-up phase another new face arrives so that your leaders have to adjust to yet another outsider. The Charis Group seamlessly uses only one consultant for the entire three years. The consultant you first meet with is the consultant you will always work with. This pays huge dividends when it comes to a sustained follow-up plan.

Our follow-up plan takes the guesswork out of whether or not the commitments will come in. While others talk about follow-up, The Charis Group makes follow-up a core delivery of our partnership with Christian ministries. Instead of having hundreds of campaigns to follow-up on, your Charis Consultant, with his limited number of clients, has time for you. You will find that with The Charis Group you will see and hear from your consultant on a regular basis.

Through regular, detailed analysis of how the campaign is progressing, your Charis Consultant will help you and your team build a strategic follow-up plan that will result in capturing the maximum amount of what is pledged. You will know where you stand and have a plan of action to not only bring in the pledges committed but also attract new members to your campaign. With The Charis Group, there are no surprise endings! You will know where you are and what needs to be done next.