One of the biggest mistakes churches make AFTER they set up online giving is not launching it correctly.  It is not enough to simply have a tool; you have to use that tool effectively.  We tell people all the time that you can have a great lawn mower, but if you don’t get it out of the shed and crank it up, your lawn will not get mowed.

Here are several practical suggestions for how to effectively launch your online giving.  If you have already launched it, consider a re-launch.  Any church can utilize these steps.  To launch online giving effectively you should:

Know the process yourself.  You cannot move your congregation to use this tool if you don’t use it yourself.  If you use it, so will your members!

Make the giving button easy to find & access.  It’s shocking to see how difficult it is to find online giving on some websites.  While it doesn’t have to be a flashing blue light, it must be visible and easily accessible.

Set a kickoff date.  Set a day to officially kick off the launch.  This will give you time to announce the site and “market” it to your members.

Build a plan of action for launching.  Think of multiple ways to tell the story about the benefits of online giving.  Use all of your communication outlets such as direct mail, email, social media posts, bulletin inserts, QR codes in the bulletin, videos, and platform communication.  Talk about it so that people will know about it!

Work your plan!  As with all stewardship plans, we say, “Get a plan and work your plan.”

Don’t stop working your plan!  Don’t stop after the launch. You need to continually drive people to your giving site.  One mistake many churches make is that after the launch, they fail to continually feature this tool.  The more you talk about it, the more people will use it.

Using the above points, any church can effectively launch online giving.  Online giving is the future of church giving, and the future is now!