Are you paying too much for health care?

Are you worried about what the new health care laws mean for you and your church?

Are you tired of spending hours of your day trying to navigate through the confusing health care field?

Would you like to save time and money on your churches health care plan?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then we have great news for you.  Through Charis Benefit Consulting Services you can get the answers you want and need and save money in the process.

Charis Benefit Consulting Services has a mission to provide solid, well informed analysis and information to Churches in the support of their decision making process relative to benefit plan choices.  Our consultation will always be independent and arms-length as we are not affiliated, contracted or obligated to any insurance carriers or Plan Administrators.  We believe that our commitment to such an independent position allows our services to focus exclusively on the needs and goals of the Churches we serve.

Recognizing that each Church presents their own individualized benefit situation, Charis Benefit Consulting Services has its focus on providing consultation that is custom designed for each unique Church.  Below is an outline of our services, each component custom tailored to address your specific needs, situation and goals.


*We will talk with you and gather all the pertinent documentation and information about your current benefit plans.

*Does current Plan comply with Federal & State regulations…and those coming with the new Health Care laws?  If not, we’ll provide what is needed to come into compliance.

*What do you like and not like about your current plan?

*We will provide a written analysis, in language you can understand, evaluating your current situation.



*Costs are the bedrock concerns with every benefit plan.  The insurance companies and their reps won’t always tell you – at least in terms that are understandable – but there are ways and options for controlling costs.  Even for existing plans.  We’ll show you options in understandable terms and explain their potential for cost savings.  And we’ll help you ask the right questions to get you the right results from carriers and their reps.


*We’ll detail potential options – and in plain, understandable language.

*There are lots of parts & pieces – we’ll help identify them, explain them and analyze the appropriateness for your individual plan.

*We’ll provide you the understandable knowledge you need in order to make informed decisions – to know before you decide!

*A written plan of action will be provided – a clear roadmap to where you want to be with your plan.


*We’ll review plans (costs, benefit schedules, deductibles, co-pays, etc.) that you receive from benefit provider representatives.

*Translation services – we’ll “translate” that insurance jargon for you so that you have not only a definition of terms, but also what it means for your individual Plan(s).

*Product & Insurance Carrier reviews – we don’t represent any insurance companies or sell any of their products or plans, but we do have the expertise to independently evaluate them and their product and plan offerings and proposals.

*Provide an easy to understand written summary so you’ve got the info you need.

Our goal with Charis Benefit Consulting Services come down to answering three basic questions:

1.  What does your current benefit plan look like today?

2.  What would you like the plan to look like?

3.  How can we help your Church and its Stewards get there?

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost is minimal.  Depending upon the size of your church staff and budget costs are only a few hundred dollars.  Our analysis will save you much more than the cost of engaging us.  Think of all the time you spend chasing down estimates, making sure you are compliant and all the other hassles.  We can take all those responsibilities off your plate and get you back to doing what you love to do, ministry!

Charis Benefit Consulting Services is directed by Michael R. Brooks

Michael R. Brooks retired from the insurance and financial services industry after a successful 30 year career.  Michael is the brother of Mark Brooks, Founding Partner and President of The Charis Group.  He started as a field agent and prior to retirement had served as a Senior Vice President and Board member with two major nationwide insurance and financial services companies.  Additionally, he served on multiple national committees and organizations in the industry.  He brings to the Charis Group an extensive scope of knowledge and experience in the design, cost structures and legal compliance aspects of benefit products and plans.

Michael earned his B.A. in Theology from Baker University and his Master of Divinity from Candler School of Theology at Emory University.  When asked over the course of his career what he did for a living, Michael’s reply has always been, “I’m in the business of helping people at some of their most critical times of need.”

In joining the Charis Group as Benefits Consultant, Michael is embracing the continued call to such stewardship by using his extensive knowledge and experience to help Churches successfully navigate the complex aspects of staff and employee benefits.

Michael is not contracted with or obligated in any way with any carriers, providers or plan administrators and thus is positioned to offer completely independent analysis and consultation.

For more information contact Michael at