What Stewardship Companies
Charge You For We Give Away

Why pay thousands of dollars for a campaign manual when you can get the same thing for free? Most stewardship firms charge churches thousands of dollars for their services. In the end the only thing the church gets is a campaign manual and well wishes. Even Rick Warren sells his manual at a range of $99 to $149.99. Other firms want you to come to their seminar for $2,500 where in the end they hand you the manual and basically wish you luck. We are giving out the manual!

Manual benefits…

  • Pastor section with step by step over view of how to hold a capital stewardship campaign.
  • Team by team instructions of how to organize the campaign.
  • Sample letters, calendars and other materials to support your campaign.
  • Everything you need to run a basic capital campaign.

Who can benefit from our manual?

  • Churches that have campaign experience and know the basics.
  • Pastors that are good at administration and have quality support from leaders.
  • Churches that have no outstanding issues that might need resolving.
  • Healthy churches with everyone in support of the vision.
  • Churches that will not engage outside help for whatever reason.

What is the catch?

It truly is free. Ok, so you have to fill out a form and we get your contact information. Other than that we will email you the manual and you can edit it, customize it or throw it away. It’s yours to keep! You can use this manual and successfully complete a program.

If there is a catch at all it is in the fact that we do not believe that programs raise dollars. We at The Charis Group provide strategic consulting not pre-set programs. The sad reality is however that most stewardship companies in the end basically give clients a manual and a pat on the back. So, in our effort to revolutionize the industry we are giving away the manual. While some might be able to find success through a program we believe in the value of what we offer to churches.

So, get the manual for free but if you truly want help we are here for you! For your free manual click on the link below and fill out the information.

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