Your Church Needs Options!

Most capital stewardship firms offer you only one model to choose from. 

They all say they’ll “customize your campaign,” but the truth is most only remove the name of the last church from the campaign manual and paste yours to the top.  And there you have it: a customized campaign.

The vast majority of even experienced churches who attempt to run their own campaign raise significantly less than they would if they had an outside partner!  You might save a few thousand dollars in consulting fees only to lose out on multiple thousands of dollars if you had some type of help.

Here are the three primary options you can choose when it comes to capital campaigns:

Option One: Do it Yourself.  

You might be able to run your own campaign if you fit the following…

  • Churches that have campaign experience and know the basics.
  • Pastors who are good at administration and have quality support from leaders.
  • Churches that have no outstanding issues needing resolution.
  • Healthy churches with everyone in support of the vision.
  • Churches that only need to raise an amount around 25% of the annual operating budget.
  • Churches that will not engage outside help for whatever reason.

Option Two: Full Engagement.  

You might benefit from a full engagement with us if …

  • You have never personally led a campaign at any church.
  • It has been years since your church has run a capital campaign.
  • There are a variety of outstanding issues and concerns that need addressing.
  • The amount of money needed is more than double your yearly operating budget.
  • You and your staff simply do not have the time to devote to a campaign.
  • You lost your last campaign manual from the company you partnered with.

Option Three: Limited Engagement.  

You might be interested in a limited engagement if …

  • You know some of the campaign elements well enough to do them yourself.
  • You are unsure of or intimidated by some of the campaign elements.
  • Price is a concern.
  • You are entering a second, third, or fourth campaign in a row.
  • You just like knowing that someone is watching over the process.

The Charis Group is all about options!

No two churches are alike.  Simply because I have worked in a church in your denomination or in your state does not mean I know you and your church.  Thus EVERY campaign has to be distinct, personalized, and different.  That is what we are all about.  Here are some examples:

  • We have helped several churches in multiple campaigns by only working on their follow-up.
  • Some of our churches need our full expertise for a full partnership.
  • Many churches engage us to only help with the setup of the campaign.
  • We have done a one-day consultation and then provided ongoing telephone and email support.


What do you need?  Whatever it is, we can and will develop a plan for you and your church.  The bottom line is that there is no
“one size fits all” model.

The Charis Group can be the partner you need for a price you can afford! Call us today! 800-750-7095