The Charis Group Helps Churches Raise More Money.

Over the course of time, if you work with us, we will increase your giving to a much greater level than you would without our help.  We have clients who have seen up to a 200% increase in their annual budget giving since working with us. We also have clients saving thousands of dollars in operating waste after taking our advice. (Click Here to learn more about our Stewardship Enhancement Services)

In addition to helping churches increase giving to their annual budget, each year we help our clients raise millions of dollars in capital stewardship campaigns. (Click Here to Learn more about our Capital Stewardship Campaign Services)


Now that you know what we do, let me ask you some questions:

  • Who helps you analyze your giving trends and patterns from year to year?
  • Who helps you know if you are trending up or down?
  • Who devises a plan of action to increase your yearly giving?
  • Who devises a plan whereby you can move first-time donors to becoming consistent donors?
  • Who helps you craft appealing letters and emails that generate hundreds and thousands of dollars?
  • Who helps you think through how effective your online giving is and what you need to do to improve on that area?
  • Who keeps you abreast of current trends in the area of stewardship?
  • Who keeps stewardship a central focus in your planning and execution?
  • Who on your staff is responsible for increasing your donations?


If you are the average church, the answer to all of the above is no one.  If the above is so easy, why don’t you do it?  If it is too difficult, why don’t you engage a partner like us to help you?  Why is it that pastors and churches are so hesitant to use an outside partner?


Here are our observations after over sixteen years of working with
pastors and churches.

They don’t see its importance.

The vast majority of pastors and Christian leaders simply do not see stewardship planning as all that important.  Only when they face a crisis do they think about doing something.  By then it is usually too late.  If you don’t think stewardship planning is important, you won’t hire a firm like ours.  If you have no plan or anyone that owns stewardship, the ultimate result is that your giving declines.

They are not willing to pay to have someone help them.

Churches can be extremely tight with spending money, especially on outside help.  Let’s suppose that you want to start a new ministry that you believe will attract new attendance to your church.  Don’t you think about hiring a new staff member and paying him a salary plus all his benefits?  Why then would you not want to pay a small amount to get help with stewardship?  The price you pay us to be your Minister of Stewardship will be more than made up by the additional funds generated.  If you are unwilling to pay for help, you will see your giving decline.

Their lay people won’t sign off on hiring outside help.

We can “sell” a pastor on the value we bring to the table for his church.  The problem is that when he goes back to the finance committee, they balk at spending money to raise money.  The church continues to do what they have always done.  Again, that ultimately results in declining dollars.

The tyranny of the urgent.

Quite simply, many pastors are so overwhelmed that they never think about stewardship, much less hiring outside help.  This is perhaps our best argument for you hiring us.  We have the time to devote to stewardship planning that you don’t.  If you don’t find time for stewardship, your offerings will decline.

Uncomfortable talking about money.

For some pastors, the whole issue of money is an uncomfortable one.  They do not view money as something they should be concerned with or interested in.  Too bad they don’t take the approach of Jesus who talked about money and possessions more than any other subject.  If you are uncomfortable talking about money, then you will see a decrease in money given to your church.

It might look easy, but it is not.  

The times we live in have changed.  What once worked in terms of stewardship must be re-thought and re-vamped.  Do you have that experience?  Do you even have the time or passion to do the job?

We provide total stewardship for a church.

We are not simply a capital campaign company.  True, that is a major focus of ours; however, more and more we are being engaged by churches to act as their Ministers of Stewardship.


We guarantee that if you hire us and follow our advice, we will more than make up for the cost of our consultation!

Who owns stewardship at your church?  As Dr. Phil always asks, “How is that workin’ for ya?”
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