Many stewardship firms are stuck in the 1980s, offering only a programmatic approach to fundraising.  Somewhere back in the ’70s, a plan for holding capital stewardship campaigns was devised, and for years that process was effective.  However, the times have changed.  What once worked no longer does or is not as effective, particularly with the younger set.  Stewardship firms have become attached to THEIR process without ever considering whether that process actually works!

It’s not 1980, so why would you want a campaign that was designed in the 80s?  The times have changed, and so must your campaign.

Your next campaign should embrace:


The old campaign strategy was based around multiple teams with multiple meeting times.  The thought was that the more involved people were, the more they would commit to your campaign.  Times have changed.  Who has another night of the week they want to give to the church?  People don’t give to your church as a result of attending a meeting.  They give to your church because the vision is clear and, most of all, compelling!

To effectively raise dollars in the 21st century, your campaign must be simple.  The Charis Group is the leader in creating effective, yet simple, plans that result in maximum dollars.


In 2012, smartphones surpassed all other types of telephones as the predominant phone for Americans.  We now do almost everything online, and much of what we do online is done with a smartphone.  We have seen a technological shift that, frankly, the church has not responded to.  When so many are using technology to connect with businesses and each other, why would you not use technology for your capital campaign?

One thing that smart churches are learning is that to increase giving, you must make it easy for people to give.  Technology is allowing the church to give multiple options to members by which they can give.  An effective capital campaign must offer the same ease of use in order to be effective in today’s world.

To effectively raise dollars in the 21st century your campaign must be technologically-driven and supported.  The Charis Group, once again, is the leader in the stewardship field connecting technology to raising dollars!


Frankly, nearly every stewardship firm sells you a cookie cutter, program-driven campaign in a box.  It might have your name on it, but it is most simply cut and pasted onto their pre-packaged approach.  A few have three or four models that they can show you, thus claiming to “customize” your campaign.  Your church is unique; why would you want a standardized plan?

If all a stewardship company offers you is a program, you can get that on the Internet!  In fact, we give away our manual.  The program side of a capital campaign is easy to implement.  Why would you pay someone to do what you could do yourself?  Programs don’t raise dollars, so why would you use a company that only offered a program?

To effectively raise dollars in the 21st century, your campaign must be unique, not program-driven!  The Charis Group provides you with a true partner, not a standardized program.

You only get one chance to get it right, so make the right choice up front.  You have a vision that you need funded.  You simply cannot afford to make a mistake.  Making mistakes with your capital campaign won’t necessarily keep your vision from coming to pass; however, mistakes in the campaign can and will set the process back.  It’s not 1980, so why would you risk your vision’s success on a 1980 model?  There is a better way.  Let us help you find the right fit for your church.