The Greats All Have a Coach. Why Don’t You?

The Greats All Have a Coach. Why Don’t You?  My friend Pastor Jimmy Washington once introduced me this way.  “Tiger Woods the best golfer in the world has a coach. The best quarterback in the NFL has a coach. Alex Rodriquez one of the greatest players in baseball has a coach. All these top players have coaches why would you not have a coach to help you in stewardship?  I want you to meet my stewardship coach Mark Brooks”

Wow!  I felt honored.  For over a decade I have been blessed to partner with Jimmy seeing his church raise millions of dollars in one of the worst and most hard hit economic areas, Dayton, OH.  He values having me as a coach.

Here are some thoughts that I wrote a few years back about the value of a coach…

What Do Coaches Do For Us?

1. They stretch us to do what we did not want to do or did not think we could do.Remember all those practices of doing drills over and over, again and again? We might have hated it at the time but it allowed us to compete more effectively. The same is true in your ministry. Sometimes a coach can prod or push you in areas where you really don’t want to go.

2. They see what we cannot see. How many times has the coach in the press box seen what the quarterback on the field could not see? It is a matter of perspective. Sometimes in our ministry we are too close to the field and need a set of fresh eyes with a press box advantage to see what we cannot see.

3. They have experience where we lack experience. The best coaches I had always had a wealth of experience that I did not have. Many of them were first players and then they had years of experience coaching. Nothing beats having someone with experience beside you. As you face the challenges of growth in your ministry do you have someone to help you?

4. They hold us accountable. How many athletes would practice full speed without the coach holding them accountable? Coaches hold us accountable in the areas that we often over look or neglect. In ministry the same is true. Often we need someone to remind us to do what perhaps we might not be comfortable with or really like to do.

5. They make us better than we would be without them. I have seen teams and players that for all practical purposes did not have a coach. The players did what they wanted to do and the end result was that they never lived up to their potential. Having a coach makes a huge difference! Could you not also benefit from a coach in your ministry?

When should we be looking for a coach?

1. When you are faced with new or different challenges. Perhaps you are looking at dramatic changes or challenges to your ministry. Are you confident that you have looked at every option? Do you know for certain the path you have laid out is the correct path? A good coach can help you navigate through the challenges. This is especially true in the area of capital stewardship. Do you understand all the different tracks and how to navigate them? A good coach can help.

2. When you want to take your ministry to a new level. God often challenges us with new opportunities that will take our ministries to a new level. A coach can help you get to where you believe God wants you to be.

3. When you have faced failure as a result of your own initiative. Frankly sometimes athletes fail and their failure causes them to reevaluate what they do. They often hire a coach to help in that area. You should look to do the same. I once had a pastor tell me, “We thought after our first capital stewardship campaign that we could go it alone and save the money we paid to our first consultant. It was a miserable failure. We decided for the next campaign that we needed a partner. That campaign was successful.” Can you risk going it alone with something as important as fueling your dream for the future?

What about you? Do you have a coach? What about in the area of stewardship? Is there someone that you can count on to give you worthy advice at key moments in your ministry? This is what God has called us at The Charis Group to be, a stewardship coach to Christian Leaders. We would love to help you in any way we can. Contact us today to see how we can help coach you to victory!

Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach

Founder and President, The Charis Group and Charis Giving Solutions'
About the Author
As the founding partner of The Charis Group, Mark Brooks brings not only a rich background of ministry experience but also years of successfully helping Christian ministries raise funds for capital projects. His desire to better personalize the engagement that each ministry receives from their stewardship partner led him to begin The Charis Group. With creative, outside the box thinking, Mark has helped scores of ministries achieve maximum financial and spiritual results.